10 Huge Battles To Look Forward To In The Witcher Season 4

The popularity of The Witcher has recently declined, but season 4 will have 10 enormous battles that players may look forward to.

After Henry Cavill's unexpected exit from the Netflix series, interest in The Witcher has never been lower, but for those who are still committed to seeing it through, 

season 4 of the show and beyond will feature 10 epic battles. For a while, it appeared as though The Witcher would be the world's next major fantasy series after its first success. 

Unfortunately, the show stalled out in its second season, and its popularity sharply declined after lead actor Henry Cavill revealed his decision to leave the project due to creative disagreements.

Nevertheless, The Witcher still has a sizable following of devoted followers, and those who decide to stick with the game until the very end will be rewarded with some jaw-dropping battle moments. 

There will be several significant events in The Witcher as it moves closer to the heart of Andrzej Sapkowski's book series. If that's not a compelling enough reason to stay watching, 

there are another 10 thrilling battles and epic confrontations to savor before the series is out. Only those who stick around will learn if any of The Witcher's characters can vanquish Vilgefortz.

Even though Geralt lost to Vilgefortz in their first encounter, he will have another opportunity before The Witcher is over. Regardless of the season of The Witcher it occurs in, this fight is unquestionably one of the best ones ever. 

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