10 ‘Loki’ season 2 episode 1 MCU Easter eggs, callbacks, and references

We have been instructed in advance of time that Loki season 2 become going to be usually standalone, seeing as it predominantly keeps the plotline that it installation its very own first batch of episodes and isn’t so inquisitive about teeing up the next incoming surprise project. 

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Having stated that, this is the MCU we’re speakme about, cinema’s Emperor of the Easter Egg, the King of Connectivity,

so clearly the Tom Hiddleston car’s sophomore finest is stacked with hyperlinks to the wider cinematic universe.

For starters, season 2, episode 1 ⏤ “Ouroboros” ⏤ furthers our information of Kang the Conqueror as Jonathan Majors returns to the MCU for the primary time put up-Quantumania

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 in addition to pulling deeper from the TVA lore in the comics. 

 It also teases a positive mutant superhero crew this is definitely on its manner to Earth-199999 before too long.

permit’s get the most obvious callback out of the way first. As lovers were pronouncing ever in view that this idea become found out in the trailers, Loki’s time-slipping may be very reminiscent of the manner 

the Spider-human beings hold glitching when they’re inside the incorrect universes in Sony’s Spider-Verse lively movies. 

but is there an actual multiversal connection right here or is surprise just copying Sony’s homework?

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