3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Rough Horoscopes On October 10, 2023

If you belong to one of the three zodiac signs we'll be discussing today, we may blame Venus opposing Saturn for ruining our love lives

and making us appear as problematic people no one wants to be around. So, why is it interfering with our romantic lives?

Can't it just do its nasty work without destroying our perceptions of love? On October 10, 2023, we'll see that it's not just Venus opposing Saturn that messes with our love lives; we'll be the ones to blame.

This transit has only 'influenced' us. It does not compel us to do anything. We cause the harm.

Today, when Venus opposes Saturn, we have a negative attitude toward ourselves. We don't believe.

We do not believe in what we do or trust we're true enough. this can be some thing that we have advanced over the years

it could also be some thing we have conquer ... besides when Venus contrary Saturn is inside the sky, many reminiscences will come crashing down on us, 

and we won't be able to stand up and come to be the warriors we might want to be these days.


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