4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve This Week When Venus Enters Virgo

Allow yourself to emerge from the healing process on the other side, wiser, as you lean back into your heart place. The lesson phase of your relationship is over,

 and now is a crucial time to decide whether or not you are prepared to accept the kind of love you have always deserved.

. Allowing oneself to advance to the next level is crucial, whether this occurs in a new relationship or merely a new chapter within an existing one.   

Venus, the planet of love, enters the earth sign of Virgo during the week of October 2–8, 2023, assisting you in putting all that you have been going through romantically since June into action. 

At that time, Venus entered Leo, a sign of the zodiac it would stay in for four months as it traveled retrograde. 

 You are urged to use what you've learnt to go in a new way as Venus enters Virgo, leaving behind the post-retrograde processing and reflection.  

Venus in Virgo is dependable and devoted. Because it is grounded, you will see the reality of your connection and partner rather than what you had hoped would be there. 

There is a way to make the most of Venus in Virgo despite its reputation for perfectionism. That energy only comes from knowing what you truly want and deserve.


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