7 Clues To How Yellowstone's ending Will paintings without Kevin Costner 

Over the course of five seasons Kevin Costner has been the face of Taylor Sheridan's hit neo-Western, Yellowstone, however

Now that his agreement has ended and it seems likely that he might not return, it's time to delve deep into the hints the Yellowstone forged has furnished as to how the series goes to stop with out its celebrity

On the give up of 2022, the show premiered its trendy installment, Yellowstone season five, part 1, with a 2nd component promised to be at the horizon. 

However, because of the latest SAG-AFTRA strike, the collection' finale has been put on hold and plenty of questions continue to be as to how it'll quit

Considering the fact that Yellowstone season 5, component 2 hasn't been written yet, the show's opportunities are basically limitless

However, the final piece of the puzzle will ought to choose up wherein component 1 left off. Tensions are growing between Jamie and Beth as Jamie intends to run John out of office, and each siblings plan to have the other killed.  

Meanwhile, flashbacks display Dutton Ranch's former glory, that is a stark assessment to it currently slipping through the family's fingers.  

Kayce and Monica can be the Dutton's one final wish, but they will no longer step up. 

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