A Relationship Honesty Checklist for the Astrological Signs, October 2, 2023 

Moon trine Pluto on October 2, 2023, will make three zodiac signs wish to live in the truth, which will damage their romantic life. This means we are emotionally aware almost to a fault today.  

Our experience is the truth, so what's wrong? Nothing. Honesty is ideal in love. We may not have that circumstance now, but today may start a new love. Truth-based.

A relationship without honesty—what's the point? Your experience suggests that while there is no point for you, 


you've witnessed how lack of openness kills people's lives from the inside out. You no longer want this dishonesty.

It seems like your love experiences were based on lies, and you're tired of being ignorant. It's time to utilize your global wisdom after learning so many lessons the hard way. 


Moon trine Pluto's 'brass tacks' transits on October 2, 2023, will reveal that your partner is playing games. That's what you'll do first. 

You need to muster up the nerve to tell your romantic partner the truth, but once you do, you are persistent. During Moon trine Pluto, you are all about telling the truth.  


You see no reason to hold back, especially if you're striving to improve the relationship.


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