A Tarot Reader Predicts What Every Zodiac Can Expect In October 2023


Your card: 3 of Cups This is a great month for planning get togethers with friends. Take any opportunity to celebrate the people in your life whom you love. 

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning


Your tarot card is the 2 of Pentacles. This month is jam-packed with activities for you. You may feel obliged to do everything yourself


Your card is the 4 of Wands. Some months are calm, but not this one. You'll be juggling a slew of initiatives and responsibilities, big and little. 


The Empress is the name on your card. Don't let an abundance of anything go to waste this month, whether it's money, food, or just good vibes. 


The wheel of fortune is your card. This October, your fate will be revealed. All that remains is for you to make the decision to follow your ambitions.


The Magician is the card you've drawn. This October, you are brimming with power. While you're already fantastic at getting things done, 

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning – Upright, Reversed and Love


The Lovers is your trump card. This October is your love month. It could be falling in love with someone new


Do all of the creative tasks you've been meaning to do this month. Take the first step, for example, i


2 of Cups is your card. This card is all about shared love and collaboration. If you've been longing for love, October appears 


Capricorn The World is on your card. This October, whether it's a career change, the end of a relationship, 

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6 of Cups is your card. This month will bring up memories of days gone by. Perhaps someone 


Use your ambition this October to achieve your goals. If you've been desiring something for a long time,


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