In this week's bowl forecasts, Washington advances into the College Football Playoff.

An remarkable victory by Oklahoma has altered the picture of this week's bowl forecasts, 

just as it appeared like Texas was on the mend and a run at the College Football Playoff was imminent.

Although keeping the Big 12 represented on the field may seem like a simple plug-in for the Sooners

that isn't the main change this week. Moving on to the semifinals is Washington in preparation for a matchup with Oregon,

Another team that might fill the Longhorns' spot. The Huskies have a small advantage to win on Saturday thanks to their superior offensive and home field.

The strength of the Pac-12 over the Big 12 is an advantage any potential winner enjoys.

If a total solar eclipse is a 10 in terms of 'wow' factor, an annular solar eclipse is probably a 2

Any possible Pac-12 champion has an advantage over the Big 12 because of the league's vastly better strength. 


On Saturday, the sky will become dark due to an amazing solar eclipse. Will the April one be superior?