Alexa Ray Joel Teases Upcoming EP with "It's a Work of Love" (Exclusive)

Alexa Ray Joel and Tommy Byrnes, the musical director for her father Billy Joel, collaborated on the new project, which is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024.

The fans are about to see a new side of Alexa Ray Joel.

More than 15 years after releasing her first EP, Sketches, in 2006, the singer, 37, is preparing to unleash a new one in 2024. 

Billy Joel's eldest daughter told PEOPLE during the Rockers on Broadway 30th anniversary event honoring Melissa Etheridge and Rick French on October 16 in New York City. "

It's a real body of love — it's a work of love for me." I gave everything I had—blood, sweat, and tears.

The piece, according to Alexa Ray, is "a little reminiscent" of Fiona Apple's album Tidal, as she hinted in an Instagram caption earlier. 

According to her statement to PEOPLE, "it's a little bit of my darker, kind of my shadow side coming out."

The musician has been "hands-on" with every element of the impending album, and she has enlisted some special guests to aid in its completion.

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