Aquaman 2 Is The DCEU's Last Chance To Break A 5-Year Record Before James Gunn's DCU Launches

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the DCEU's last chance to break a five-year box office streak. 

Aquaman 2 is the DCEU's last chance to redeem itself after a succession of box office failures. 

The first Aquaman film was the highest-grossing DCEU film and DC film overall. 

The epidemic and lack of quality and interest have hurt the DCEU's box office performance, making Aquaman 2 critical for its success before its reboot. 

The DCEU is ending badly, but Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's box office potential may save it.  

The sequel is scheduled for Dec. 20 if the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes cause delays.  

It will be the last DCEU film until James Gunn reboots the universe with Superman: 

After a lengthy line of box office flops, Aquaman 2 has more responsibility than it should since it will end the DCEU on a whimper or a bang. 

Since Aquaman was a smash, the DCEU has struggled at the box office. 

COVID-19, lack of quality, and loss of interest are all contributing to declining earnings. 

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