Astrology's Youthful Zodiac Signs.

It takes more than just appreciating the same things you did when you were younger to be a sign of the zodiac that is considered young at heart.

 Being young at heart is not just about enjoying carnivals and cotton candy, though that is lovely.

Because she firmly believes in experiencing life to the fullest, Sagittarius is the sign with the youngest heart. 

She is adamant about living by the adage "you only live once," and if she had a motto, that would be it. No matter how you look at it, Sagittarius just enjoys herself.

Some may think of her as the party girl while others picture her as the one who's always seeking adventure.

Gemini has a very youthful disposition, but not for the reasons you may expect. She can be a touch childish, but she also enjoys having fun and being playful, which undoubtedly contributes to her youthful nature.

Aries is all about having fun and frequently goes above and above to demonstrate that she has time for both work and play. 

It's no secret that Cancer is emotionally aware; in fact, she's so aware of her feelings that she won't hesitate to speak her mind or even cry if you've harmed her. 


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