Baldur's Gate 3: "Respectfully looking, respectably looking" As her spouse in real life sleeps with her RPG foe, the Shadowheart actor loses it.

The Shadowheart voice actress from Baldur's Gate 3 is currently playing through the D&D role-playing game with her real-life partner. 

With the exception of when Lae'zel, Shadowheart's in-game foe, appears, it has largely been a good-natured affair. At those times, it is funny.

If you missed it, an early highlight of one stream included Shadowheart actor Jennifer English recoiling in terror after her partner and Baldur's Gate 3 performance director 

Aliona Baranova suggested that she would prefer Lae'zel to god's troubled favorite. To be fair to Baranova, she later referred to Lae'zel as a "schoolgirl crush" who Shadowheart was her true love.

But as of late, things have gotten a little more intense. Baranova sets off Lae'zel's romantic scene in the duo's most recent stream, which results in a night of Baldur's Gate 3 

shenanigans and the narrator's mood-setting line, "You awake in pain," if you want to know how that went. The pair's response to the unfolding antics is what really stands out,

just as before.We saw [Lae'zel voice actor] Dev[ora Wilde] today, which is really bizarre. As things begin, an excited Baranova adds, "I feel uncomfortable," adding, "respectfully looking, 

respectfully looking." "She's not a cuddler, is she?" After her partner's character appears to be bloodied and bruised and gets back up for another day of adventuring,

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