Before Ring of Honor, J.J. Watt speaks something nice to Houston.

As he gets ready to be enshrined in the Houston Texans' Ring of Honor on Sunday, J.J. Watt purchased a full-page advertisement in the Houston Chronicle. also hosted the text there. An example:All I've wanted to do is make you proud from the first second ,

I walked off that plane in Houston twelve years ago to the present, when you're reading this. 

It wouldn't be simple, I knew. I was aware that it would require a lot of effort. I was aware that I would have to work hard to gain your trust, 

to learn about your history, and to understand what makes your city so unique.Thankfully ,

I had lots of amazing people to assist me in doing that. all the way from teammates and coaches to trainers, 

Equipment personnel, cafeteria employees, Houston legends, athletes, artists, reporters, restaurant staff, and everyone in between. 

Together, we've been through a lot. There were some amazing highs and some terrible lows. 


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