Beyoncé donned bold sunglasses on her Renaissance World Tour, helping to make them cool again.

Move over, basic rectangle frames. It's time for eccentric and outlandish glasses to shine.

Celebs are ditching their boring sunglasses in favor of something that stands out: one-piece frames, unusual sizes, and a rainbow of hues.

According to stylists who spoke with Insider, Beyoncé had a role in making the statement sunglasses cool.

"Beyoncé has always been an icon, regardless of genre," said Elisabeth Kassab, founder of STYLISTCHECK, to Insider. 

"However, in terms of fashion, she definitely made statement sunglasses cool again." Especially after the trend of thin, simple black sunglasses in recent years. 

People are wanting to add a little personality to their outfits lately. Whether it's with bold jewelry, a belt, or both

The multi-award-winning artist just completed her Renaissance World Tour, in which dress played an important role in the narrative.

. During her performances, she wore a sequined and flowing green cape, embroidered metallic bodysuits that gleamed under the stage lights, and a plethora of unique couture.

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