Bills News: NFL Issues Punishment to LB Milano, Matt

In the Buffalo Bills' season-opening game against the New York Jets, Pro Bowl linebacker Matt Milano committed a costly penalty, and now he's facing the consequences in the form of fines.

The NFL released a list of Week 1 fines on September 16, and it included a $10,927 fine for Milano for taunting after his second-quarter interception. 

This penalty had significant implications as it may have cost the Bills points on that drive, which ultimately played a crucial role in the Bills' 22-16 overtime loss to the Jet 

After the game, Bills head coach Sean McDermott expressed his disappointment with the team's mistakes, particularly highlighting quarterback Josh Allen's four turnovers.

During the second quarter of the game, with the Bills leading 10-3, Milano intercepted Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.  

However, his moment of taunting resulted in a 15-yard penalty, pushing the Bills back and forcing them to settle for a field goal instead of potentially scoring a touchdown. 

McDermott's post-game comments emphasized the impact of their errors: "We made it pretty hard on ourselves.  

It's difficult to win in this league when you turn the ball over four times. You have two opponents: 

the one on the opposite sideline and yourself. That's what we did tonight, and it's not the way to win games. 


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