Chiefs' win over Broncos ends with rare final score the NFL hasn't seen in nearly 100 years

The Chiefs' 19-8 victory over the Broncos on Thursday night was the first occasion in nearly 100 years that an NFL game concluded with a score of 19-8.  

It's a unique score, and it has only happened once before in NFL history, and that was in 1927, when the New York Yankees defeated the Buffalo Bison. 

The odd twist here is that the Yankees' victory over the Bison occurred exactly 96 years before the Chiefs' 

victory over the Broncos, which also occurred on October 12.Consider this: There have only been two games in NFL history that ended with a final score of 19-8, 

and they were both played on the same exact date 96 years apart. This fact is so bizarre that it almost makes 

up for the fact that there was no scorigami on Thursday, when an NFL final score was recorded for the first time in history. 

A few strange things had to happen in 1927 for the game to end with a score of 19-8. The Yankees scored three touchdowns,  

including one by Pro Football Hall of Famer Red Grange, but they failed to convert two extra points, leaving them with 19 points.  

The Bison scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter after recording a safety in the second quarter. They would, however, miss the extra point, leaving them with eight points.  

Although the kickers struggled in the 1927 game, that was not the case on Thursday night, as Harrison Butker was a significant reason why Kansas City scored 19 points. 


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