Colin Cowherd does not see Kenny Pickett as the Steelers' answer at quarterback.

The Steelers and Kenny Pickett have seen 2023 evolve in the opposite direction they desired. Despite the team's 3-2 record, Pickett and the rest 

of the offense have struggled to get anything going consistently. The team continues to score among the fewest points 

Colin Cowherd, on the other hand, is officially against Pickett. He feels the team can break.500 and possibly make the playoffs, but Pickett is unlikely to be the answer. 

Furthermore, he thinks that the team will keep Pickett longer than necessary, even if it becomes clear that he is not the person. Pickett's ties to Pittsburgh stem from his time at Pitt. 

"For years, I was told that they didn't like drafting University of Pittsburgh players because if they didn't make it, they'd have to get rid of them, 

and they share a facility." Cowherd remarked on The Volume Podcast, "I mean, the Rooneys are just embedded in that community." " 

"They didn't want to draft Pittsburgh players and then cut or trade them." They'll keep Kenny Pickett around for a long time. They're not going to abandon Kenny Pickett, 

respectively, the first-round quarterback; they're not going to abandon that kid. And I'm sorry to say that I don't see it. I simply don't see it." 

The concerns expressed by Cowherd are valid. However, considering Pickett's current condition, it's OK to give him additional time. The accuracy he struggled  

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