Colorado star expected to 'be out for a few weeks' after violent hit vs. Colorado State

Colorado coach Deion Sanders has confirmed that star player Travis Hunter is expected to miss some time due to an undisclosed injur 

he sustained during the Buffaloes' victory over Colorado State. Sanders expressed concern 

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for Hunter's well-being and emphasized that his health takes precedence over the game. 

Hunter, known for his two-way performance, was playing as a wide receiver when he suffered a significant hit from 

Colorado State safety Henry Blackburn during the first quarter of the game. 

Trainers attended to Hunter on the field, and Blackburn was penalized for unnecessary roughness as a result of the hit. 

Hunter briefly returned to the game after the hit, even making a tackle in the second quarter, but he eventually left the game permanently. 

It remains unclear whether Blackburn's hit was the direct cause of Hunter's departure. 


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