Colorado star Travis Hunter is likely to miss the September 30 game against USC.

3 / 3 The injury to Travis Hunter, the two-way player for Colorado, is unfortunate news for USC and a reminder of the physical nature of college football.  

3 / 3 Hunter is expected to be sidelined for several weeks due to an injury sustained from a hit that resulted in a 15-yard penalty during Colorado's recent game against Colorado State. 

3 / 3 Colorado coach Deion Sanders commented on the injury in a postgame press conference,  

3 / 3 Expressing concern for Hunter's health and emphasizing that they will prioritize his well-being over the game. 

3 / 3 While Hunter may want to return in two weeks, the team will ensure that he is fully recovered. 

3 / 3 The hit that caused Hunter's injury was part of a game that featured several contentious moments, 

3 / 3 Including a comment by Colorado State's coach, Steve Addazio, about Deion Sanders' sunglasses, which led to a response from Coach Prime.  

3 / 3 The hit by Blackburn further escalated tensions during the game. 

3 / 3 Injuries are an unfortunate and common part of football, and it's essential to prioritize the health and safety of the players above all else. 

3 / 3 The situation will likely impact Colorado's upcoming game against USC, and fans will be closely watching Hunter's recovery process. 


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