Colorado’s star two-way player Travis Hunter hospitalized after vicious hit against Colorado State.

The University of Colorado's star player, Travis Hunter, faced a frightening moment during their game against Colorado State 

which resulted in him being rushed to the hospital during the third quarter at Folsom Field.  

Despite the scare, the University of Colorado managed to secure a victory against Colorado State. 

The incident occurred during the second quarter when Hunter took an illegal hit to his abdomen on an incompletion near the Colorado sideline. 

While the school did not immediately disclose the reason for Hunter's departure and hospitalization, it was clear that the hit during the game was the cause. 

Coach Deion Sanders, after the game, mentioned that he had heard Hunter would be out for a few weeks but did not provide further details about his condition.

Throughout the season, Hunter had been a key player for the Buffaloes, actively participating on both offense and defense 

He split his time between wide receiver and cornerback, showcasing his versatility and importance to the team. 

Shilo Sanders, a defensive back for the Buffaloes, expressed the team's concern, noting that losing Travis Hunter felt like losing two players simultaneously.


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