Cowboys may consider trading for a $60 million playmaker, according to an insider

To begin the season, the Dallas Cowboys offense has battled to find consistency. According to Sports Illustrated's Mike Fisher, 

the Cowboys should consider a deal with the Denver Broncos for outstanding receiver Courtland Sutton. 

"One of those ideas is to keep an eye out for a possible fire sale in Denver, where the Broncos are doing everything wrong." What about the position of wide receiver?  

Do the 1-3 Broncos need to cling on to another 'name' signing in Sutton, who, despite putting up good stats (he was a second-round choice of the Broncos  

in 2018, and in his second season caught 72 balls for 1,112 yards and six touchdowns), isn't helping them win?" 

Target for the Dallas Cowboys Courtland Sutton has two seasons left on his four-year, $60.8 million contract. 

Sutton still has two seasons left on his four-year, $60.8 million contract. The wideout's salary for 2023 is $14 million, with a cap hit of $18.2 million. 

Sutton's cap hits for the next two seasons will also exceed $17 million per year, which Dallas is unlikely to accept with CeeDee Lamb's hefty contract extension on the horizon 

According to Spotrac, the Broncos receiver's contract has an out this offseason, allowing Denver to release Sutton while incurring a $7.6 million dead cap charge. 

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