Cowboys News: Deion Sanders criticizes Dallas; 49ers take 'Boys star comments as motivation

After being humiliated by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys have become an easy target for the national media this week.

The fates of head coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Dak Prescott have been called into question, while others have questioned

the roster's overall toughness and where they rank among the NFC's top.

The performance piqued the interest of one Deion Sanders, who has transformed Colorado into the biggest draw in college football in his first year on the job.

Sanders, a former Cowboys Super Bowl champion and three-time All-Pro, came on "Inside the NFL" and defended Prescott,

 whom he believes is far better than what he showed on Sunday. Aside from Dak, Sanders was harsh on Dallas' roster,

particularly the "dogs" or prominent players who showed little fight after the 49ers took an early lead.

The pregnant pause that followed Sanders' statement, "The Cowboys have guys who are supposed to be dogs," says it all, doesn't it? 

 Forget about watching the All-22 or a game replay. On first glance, it was clear that the 49ers terrorized Dallas for four quarters.

While the Cowboys battled back with a couple goal-line stops, including forcing Christian McCaffrey's fumble, and forcing three and outs, 


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