Cowboys Tight End Expressed Concerns About Dak Prescott Following Blowout Loss To 49ers

Dak Prescott had a less-than-ideal night last Sunday, it's safe to say. In front of a national audience, the Cowboys quarterback

threw three interceptions in a blowout loss to the 49ers, raising questions about his ability to lead the team to victory.

Fans and experts have questioned Prescott's skill and leadership yet again, but his teammates have stuck by him through it all.

Tight end Jake Ferguson says he sent words of support to Prescott after the loss last week.

Ferguson claims he emailed his quarterback, saying, "I'm with you 'til the wheels fall off."

"It's my job to follow him and run through a brick wall if he tells me to," Ferguson went on to say.

The Cowboys will follow Prescott this week as they seek to regroup against the Chargers on Monday night. 

The Cowboys are now 3-2, and the NFC's margin for error is shrinking with each passing week as the 49ers and Eagles remain unbeaten.

Dallas has been plagued by injuries this season, most notably top cornerback Trevon Diggs' season-ending knee injury.

They'll have to overcome difficulties during the rest of the season in order to return to the playoffs.


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