Deion Sanders Sold $1.2 Million In Sunglasses In One Day Amid Colorado St HC Beef Jay Norvelle

In a surprising turn of events, Deion Sanders, the head coach of Jackson State University's football team, 

managed to generate an impressive $1.2 million in sales for his custom sunglasses in just one day.  

This remarkable feat occurred amid a dispute between Sanders and Colorado State University's Head Coach, Jay Norvell. 

The dispute between Sanders and Norvell began when Norvell criticized Sanders for constantly wearing his sunglasses, 

Implying that it was not appropriate behavior. In response, Sanders called Norvell a hypocrite. 

This exchange of words between the two coaches led to Sanders using Norvell's comments as motivation for his  

It's worth noting that Sanders has a sponsorship deal with an eyeglass company, Blenders Eyewear, 

and the comments made by Norvell inadvertently became promotional material for Sanders' custom sunglasses.  

As a result, these sunglasses reportedly generated a remarkable $1.2 million in sales in just one day. 


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