Deion Sanders told an amazing story about Shilo Sanders breaking a rule and calling him Dad during a game.

Deion Sanders has two responsibilities on the Colorado football team: coach and father. Balancing that can be difficult,  

but in an interview with Inside the NFL, the Buffaloes' head coach revealed a comical story about juggling both jobs this season. 

Sanders' account is based on the team's Week 3 game against Colorado State. As overtime approached, his son Shilo Sanders, 

a Buffaloes safety, asked Deion Sanders whether they'd be on defense or offensive first. Shilo Sanders had broken a rule Deion  

had set for his two sons: Shilo and Shedeur Sanders on the sidelines are meant to address Deion Sanders as "Coach" rather than "Dad." 

"Shilo walked by me and instead of saying "Coach," he asked, 'Dad, [is] the defense going out on the field first?'" 'Boy,  

y'all ain't stopped nobody all day!' I said. "I'm putting your brother out there because I know what he's going to do," recalls Deion Sanders. 

Deion Sanders was correct: Shedeur Sanders quickly guided the Buffaloes down the field for a touchdown in Colorado's 43-35 2OT triumph. 


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