Difficult Predictions Await Three Zodiac Signs on October 1, 2023 

October begins with a positive and accepting attitude due to Moon conjunct Jupiter on the first day. In helping us accept, 

this transit may bring up melancholy thoughts like "Why do I have to accept?" The Moon conjunct Jupiter transit will excite our souls one last time for three zodiac signs, 

Never one to let up, you can't believe that it's October and you may be in a good place.  


You're so used to fighting and feeling awful that feeling joyful about life feels unusual and untrustworthy. 

You want to enjoy October, which may be one of your favorite months, but Moon conjunct Jupiter makes you nostalgic on the first day. 


You feel like you've moved past the past, so you're not sure why you're doubting yourself on the first day of the month.

You want this month to go well, and nothing suggests otherwise. But on this first day of October, you feel like you're still locked in a negative mindset, which is ruining things. 


Jupiter transits usually favor you. Since you still have a business to run, today's Moon conjunct Jupiter transit may make you feel guilty or pressured 


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