Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr collaborate on her 'Let It Be' cover.

Only country music star Dolly Parton can convince Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to record a fresh version of a Beatles classic. 

On Thursday, Parton released the latest song from her upcoming rock album “Rockstar,” a rendition of the 1970 Beatles ballad “Let It Be” featuring McCartney and Starr. 

“I was so proud of getting to sing songs like ‘Let It Be’ with Paul McCartney,” Dolly remarked on Talk Shop Live Thursday night.  

McCartney sang and played piano, and Starr played drums.The star-studded track also features Peter Frampton and Mick Fleetwood. 

Parton said this “mini Beatles reunion” began when she requested McCartney to collaborate on her version of “Let It Be” because “it’s his song, he co-wrote that.” 

After McCartney recorded his vocals, “We thought, well why don’t we just replace the drummer with Ringo.” 

“And so that's what we did because I thought wow, that would be all the Beatles,” Parton remarked.  

The two surviving Beatles are Starr and McCartney. Lennon died in 1980 and Harrison in 2001. 


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