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The 'Outlander,' 'Troy: Fall of a City,' and 'Red, White, and Royal Blue' stars will appear in the film

directed by Matthew Losasso and written by Nick Skaugen, about a lady who washes ashore on a blood-stained rowing boat.

Sophie Skelton (Outlander, Blackbird), Bella Dayne (Troy: Fall of a City, Humans), and Akshay Khanna (Red, White & Royal Blue, Chloe) have joined the cast of the upcoming U.K.

thriller Row, which is now in preproduction and will begin filming in Scotland in the coming weeks

The story centres around a woman who washes ashore on a blood-stained rowing boat in the feature debut of director Matthew Losasso and writer Nick Skaugen, who also acts. 

With all of her crew members assumed dead and gone, she must put together fragmented memories of the adventure to prove her innocence. Mark Strepan (Before We Die) has joined the cast as well.

"A vast ocean appears to stretch infinitely in all directions, yet the lack of space on board the Valiant fuels paranoia and intense drama." "It's a compelling and fantastically ambitious script,

 Losasso added. "If filming on water wasn't enough of a challenge, throw in a twisty dark plot, complicated techniques to avoid green screen backdrops, 

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