Exclusive: Taylor Swift Is 'Unlike Anyone' Travis Kelce has previously dated, according to a source, 'but He's So Into Her.' 

Dating the world's biggest superstar presents its own set of problems, but a source tells PEOPLE that Travis Kelce is prepared for them as his romance with Taylor Swift continues.

"Taylor's unlike anyone Travis has dated before," a source says as the 34-year-old NFL star spends the weekend in New York City with the "Bejeweled" singer, 33.

 "It was very unexpected for his friends, but he's so into her and very, very happy."

"Some people thought he was just joking around about the bracelet and having a crush on her earlier this summer, but he was serious about it,"

 the insider continues, referring to Kelce's effort to offer Swift his phone number on a friendship bracelet when he was younger.

Swift and Kelce, according to the source, are "having a great time getting to know one another" and "have introduced some of their friends to each other" in recent weeks.

"Everyone's getting along and seeing how much fun they have together," the source continues. They form an adorable couple."

Prior to his romance with Swift, Kelce sought love in a more public environment as the host of his own reality dating program, Catching Kelce.

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