Extra belly fat does not always increase your chances of developing diabetes.

Scientists have revealed that spontaneous genetic variants can cause some people to retain fat around their waist while also protecting them against type 2 diabetes

calling into question the widely held idea that abdominal fat usually increases diabetes risk. 

This discovery could pave the way for more tailored medical treatments, with less emphasis on weight loss for people who have protective gene variations.

According to conventional thinking, gaining fat around the abdomen raises the chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes. 

Surprising research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine

on the other hand, reveals that naturally occurring changes in our DNA can cause some people to retain fat around their waist

This unexpected finding provides a more nuanced view of the influence of obesity on diabetes and related health conditions.

It may also create the groundwork for more personalized medicine, or therapies that are tailored to the individual.

According to the study, clinicians may prioritize weight loss for patients whose genes put them at elevated risk 

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