Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's living room features the designer-favorite color combination we expect to see everywhere in 2024 

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are musicians and songwriters most recognized for their country classics, but their interiors are equally impressive.

The interior designer-approved color scheme in their modern coastal living area, in particular. 

 The duo entrusted Ray Booth of Ray Booth Interior Design to totally refurbish their Bahamas property, and the results are simply spectacular

 especially the carefully chosen blue and white color palette that nicely mimics the horizon beyond.

Pale and navy blues are life-enhancing colours that have the capacity to increase our sensation of well-being, especially when coupled with pure and off-white. 

They draw inspiration from deep oceans to velvety night skies. 

With their wide appeal of peace and quiet, it is perhaps not surprising that a blue and white combination remains one of the most popular interior design options. 

Decorating with blue and white will add timeless appeal to your interiors, allowing you to create a wide range of exquisite places. 

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