What are serial killers' most prevalent zodiac signs?

Everyone, it's the eerie season! That means it's the only time of year when doing so without drawing strange looks from bystanders is socially acceptable. 

While some people may be perfectly content to watch Hocus Pocus on loop from October 1 through Halloween, others would rather watch something a little more ominous. 

Yes, I'm talking about murder, and you've come to the correct place if you have a slight fixation with serial killers

Attempts to comprehend what motivates someone to conduct the ultimate crime have been made by everyone from the most renowned psychologists to amateur investigators, and astrology also offers some potential solutions.

One startlingly evident pattern emerges when examining the zodiac signs of serial killers: the majority of them were born under one of the four mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

Now, if you're dating a Gemini or the Virgo you cut off in line at the grocery store is actually a Gemini, don't panic. However, there is a clear pattern here that is worth examining.

Just because someone may have been born under one of these signs does not in any way ensure that they are capable of committing cold blood murder, nor does it imply that the other signs in the Zodiac are any less competent.

Simply said, having a mutable sign indicates that the personality is flexible, malleable, and "chameleon" like. 


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