It will be "easy," according to GG Huhi, to defeat Team BDS and advance to the Worlds 2023.

To qualify for Worlds 2023, Golden Guardians must overcome one more significant obstacle,

 but huhi is confident that the group is more than capable of overcoming it.

He discussed his biggest setbacks and victories from the year,

the heartbreaking experience of seeing 100 Thieves struggle without him, and their Worlds Qualifying Series matchup versus BDS.

huhi has a very lengthy history of playing League of Legends professionally. His rise hasn't been smooth; as CLG's mid laner,

he advanced to NA's longest international run ever at MSI 2016 before being demoted to 100 Thieves' academy team.

However, the roleswap to support gave his career fresh life. Over the past few years,

he has been one of the top supporters in the area, and his career's career-long rollercoaster has given him a wealth of expertise.

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