HARDY and Lainey Wilson talk about their stirring "murder ballad" collaboration "Wait In The Truck"

The recently released "murder ballad" "Wait In The Truck" by HARDY and Lainey Wilson

demonstrates how two musicians who openly acknowledge being entrenched in the genre's history have successfully replicated the genre's traditional motifs in the contemporary day.

The heart-wrenching tale is about an exploited hitchhiker who suffers both physical and emotional harm after she is picked up on the side of the road.

 The man who picked her up resolves to exact revenge on her after understanding that she is a victim of domestic abuse and without hesitation. 

He shoots the abused woman's partner there in the trailer after driving back there.

 The assault victim, now married, visits the determined, bittersweet, and morally acceptable attacker in prison five years later.

Before a gospel choir sobs a refrain, Wilson's words on the chorus, which are accompanied by a guitar pick, are moving:

I'm unsure if he's an angel because angels wouldn't have done what he did.


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