“He told me that straight to my face,” says CFB analyst about Deion Sanders’ rumored departure to the NFL. 

3 / 3 Deion Sanders was hoping for a position in the NFL before taking a job as a college football head coach.   

sanders hoped that Falcons owner Arthur Blank might consider appointing him to lead the team in 2003.  

With the Falcons at 1-6 at the halfway point of the season, Sanders reasoned that then-coach Dan Reeves wouldn’t be around much longer, so he made a plea for the position.

“I guess my message to Mr. Blank would be two words: ‘Call me,'” Sanders said at the time, according to ESPN. “I believe it would work. Everyone wants a challenge, right?  

So, I’ve given this some thought. This isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. It’s not anything out of the blue that I came up with. It’s not a joke. “I’m looking for a challenge.”  

Sanders had been out of the NFL for over three seasons and was working for CBS at the time.   

If hired by Atlanta, the former NFL standout is expected to be able to immediately help the Falcons. 

“I know I can make them a better team, and I know that because I know what needs to be done there,” Sanders said.   

“I still live football because I put in so much time every week preparing for my Sunday job [as a studio analyst on The NFL Today for CBS], watching tape and talking to players and coaches.”  


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