Horoscopes Are Challenging This Week For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

Some of us are having a terrible first week of October. We may figure it out by week's end. October 2–8, 2023, is challenging because of hard-learned lessons.

 We'll be among the bad and stupid decisions, but who cares? This is life. We make errors and move on, but the smarter ones use them to learn about ourselves and the world.

Mercury in Libra from October 2–8, 2023, makes us want to say everything on our mind.

 Moon trine Mars on that day suggests that not everyone will appreciate our concept, even if it's good.

Three zodiac signs change this week when Venus enters Virgo. Now we understand. This week is for testing daring ideas to see if they work. 

 Some will fail, and we'll recognize that it's OK and attempt to discover the positive in such 'failures.' 

The week ahead for three zodiac signs will be tough, but it will teach us valuable life lessons.

You want to accomplish so much in the first week that if you don't, you'll feel like you failed due to natural conditions. Gemini, you've decided to 'get it all done' from October 2–8, 2023, but you can't.


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