How Lucky Are the 10-16 July Chinese Zodiac Signs? 

In July 10–16, 2023, five Chinese zodiac signs are luckiest, and sometimes we make our luck. Sometimes others are to blame.  

Knowing the difference is crucial... lest you take credit for something you didn't do or offer credit to someone who didn't cause your fortunate.

Snake, you'll be blessed this week! Most of you are doing this because of your past and present efforts. Particularly financial and investment decisions. 


Others attribute this luck to their manifestation rites. Interestingly, you won't appreciate your luck. 

Rabbit, you've received this message before. It's back. 2023 is your year. Be fearless and seize the day! Luck is favoring you more than you realize.  


Just follow your intuition and take a chance. Some of you may feel like you need to slow down or get married. You know your circumstance well. Follow your instincts.

Monkey, family is crucial to your fortunes this week. Your parents, siblings, and close friends want you to work effectively with them. 


Not about you or them. It's about how the dynamic will help you all thrive. If you keep this perspective, luck will favor you.  


No words can explain your luck this week, goat. For some, this will translate into a global recognition opportunity. 

It it be fame, public duty, the military, or something else. Others are finding their love with this luck. 


Pig, this week's luck is mostly choose-your-own-adventure. You're either at a crossroads and need to make a lifetime decision.  

You may be dissatisfied with your life and desire to do more or leave. Your selections now will influence whether you get a little luck, a lot of luck, or days of luck.


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