Is Travis Hunter Playing Today Against Arizona State?

3 / 3 The return of star receiver and cornerback Travis Hunter to the Colorado Buffaloes' lineup has been eagerly anticipated by fans and the team alike.  

3 / 3 Hunter suffered a lacerated liver during the Week 3 game against Colorado State, leading to concerns about the extent of his absence from the field.  

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3 / 3 Head coach Deion Sanders initially stated that Hunter would be out for three weeks, leaving the Buffaloes to navigate several games without their versatile playmaker. 

3 / 3 However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Colorado suffered a blowout loss to Oregon in Week 4 

3 / 3 prompting Travis Hunter to express his desire to return to the lineup for the Buffaloes' Week 5 home game against USC 

3 / 3 Despite his enthusiasm, Hunter ultimately sat out that game due to ongoing health concerns, prioritizing his well-being. 

3 / 3 Now, as the Buffaloes prepare for their Week 6 matchup against Arizona State, the question on everyone's mind is whether Travis Hunter will make his long-awaited return to the field.  

3 / 3 The decision to play or sit out a player recovering from a significant injury is a complex one, and it involves careful consideration of the player's health,  

3 / 3 the team's needs, and the player's desire to contribute to the team's success. 

3 / 3 Hunter's initial injury, a lacerated liver, is a serious medical condition that requires time for healing and recovery.  


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