Jerry Jones' Cowboys, 49ers' Super Bowl path

Jerry Jones views this Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers as a barometer for how the Dallas Cowboys compare to the group he currently views as the "most likely" to win the Super Bowl. 

The Cowboys' owner and general manager stated on "Shan & RJ" on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday that "they are, right now, probably the most likely team to go win the Super Bowl. 

But in order for them to get there, they have to go by us, hopefully twice if that's the way it falls in the playoffs and we're in the playoffs, of course." 

The fact remains, though, that you are playing the best; you do not require the game to inform you of this; rather, you require the game to demonstrate how you compare to the greatest. 

In each of the previous two postseasons, the Cowboys' season was cut short by the 49ers. A victory Sunday in San Francisco, according to Jones, "would be inspiring." 

He claimed that the Cowboys (3-1) and the unbeaten 49ers (4-0) are physically comparable, that his defense is strong, and that "frankly this is the best I've felt about our offense this year." 

In the NFL this season, the 49ers are one of just two unbeaten teams still standing.  

The Philadelphia Eagles (4-0), an NFC East opponent of the Cowboys, are the other team. 


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