Johnny Manziel lost his NFL career—and nearly his life—to "get out of being Johnny Football."

After a roller coaster career that made him one of the largest and most notorious names in sports, Johnny Manziel is ready to leave football and the Johnny Football mania behind. 

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the debauchery that followed him from college to the pros, and the personal struggles that ended his NFL career in two years and nearly killed him. 

"I still get a lot of questions regarding football and a past career, and I want to put the whole Johnny Football thing to rest," he added.  

"Even though it'll never quite fully go away, at least for the majority of people in my daily interactions in life, I want to be able to put this story out there and just let it be what it is." 

In real time, Manziel's rise and fall in the NFL were well-documented. His new focus on "being open and being honest" 

After an impressive freshman season at Texas A&M, Manziel, a Texas native, was propelled into the spotlight.  

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