Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte Twinned in Matching Sparkly Headpieces at King Charles's Coronation

At King Charles's coronation this morning, Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte had the mommy-and

-and-me matching moment to end all mommy-and-me matching moments. 

Kate and her twin Charlotte were photographed entering Westminster Abbey for the historic occasion while wearing identical sparkly floral headpieces

designed by Jess Collett for Alexander McQueen. The crowns were embellished with crystals,

 silver bullion, and embroidered leaf designs to complement their sleek updos.

And even though the headpieces appeared to be tiaras, they were not. One source accurately predicted that Kate would choose a 

"floral headpiece" in place of a tiara when The Times previously reported that it was unlikely any royal women would wear them to the coronation ceremony today.

The planning for the coronation by Kate and Charlotte did not end there. The four countries that make up the United Kingdom—England, 

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