Kurt Warner shares weird player protection concept That Penalizes Quarterbacks 

with regards to NFL participant safety guidelines, the defenders are those strolling a tightrope. 

in the event that they hit a person up excessive, it is a flag. Going low is also off-limits in many situations,  

because the league doesn't want its largest stars to get (actually) taken out at the knees. 

every so often, it feels just like the protecting unit is certainly a prop, designed to provide token competition with out surely hitting absolutely everyone

On Monday, the exceptional Bowl champion took to social media to percentage a alternatively unconventional concept: What if quarterbacks were penalized for putting their teammates at chance

Is that thought absolutely unhinged? Or is Warner on to some thing

permit's ruin it down. As part of the NFL's efforts to lessen head accidents, the league penalizes gamers who deliver hits to "defenseless" warring parties

there is a mess of specifics laid out on the league internet site—there are eleven examples of a defenseless participantbut the rule boils down to defenders can't blow up opponents who aren't prepared for contact

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