LeBron James Was Like Every NFL Fan After Bills QB Josh Allen Called a ‘LeBron James’ Audible vs. Jaguars

Every NFL fan had the same thought Sunday morning during the Bills-Jaguars game in London,

and LeBron James was no exception when Josh Allen used the Lakers star's name as an audible.

During the second quarter, Allen could be heard from the shotgun calling an audible, saying, "Hey, LeBron James! James, LeBron!

Unfortunately, the play ended in an incompletion, but the entire NFL world—including the man himself—was left scratching their heads as to what the audible signified. 

"I'm curious what Josh Allen's 'LeBron James' audible meant. LOL," James commented on X. 

Surely, the future Hall of Famer would have preferred that the play resulted in something other than an incompletion,

 but he wasn't so fortunate. As for the significance of the audible, Buffalo is unlikely to reveal 

the subtleties of their offense after the game. However, the internet is capable of having an imagination.

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