Mission: Impossible  Tom Cruise's Handcuffed Escape through Rome

Tom Cruise has always been a dedicated performer, even performing his own perilous stunts in action films like Mission Impossible

Tom has also defied his age, doing a series of jaw-dropping, demanding, and highly muscular stunts in the latest Mission Impossible film, Dead Reckoning: Part One.

One of the film's edge-of-your-seat stunts, as shown in the trailer, is a vehicle chase involving Tom's character, Ethan Hunt, and Hayley Atwell as Grace, a burglar and Ethan's new buddy.

During this scene, Ethan and Hayley are chained together and must negotiate the crowded streets of Rome in order to flee from multiple pursuers (one of them is Pom Klementieff, who portrays a French assassin).

Their sole means of escape is by car, which ends in an incredible sequence of Ethan driving one-handed while escaping their enemies.

They also have to transfer to a teeny-tiny Fiat 500 halfway through the scenario, which adds to the spectacular antics.

I was sure there was some cinematic magic involved in editing this sequence to make Tom and Hayley appear to be tied together.

However, Tom went above and beyond by being shackled while filming the automobile pursuit scene, which features him drifting, reversing, and performing some incredible stuntwork.

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