National Boyfriend Day: What sort of BF are you depending on your zodiac sign?

On October 3, we will celebrate National Boyfriend Day, which will allow us to recognize the various ways 

our partners appear in our relationships. It does not have to be a celebration of romantic love, but of platonic friendship as well.

According to National Today, "although there is no single officially-credited source that initiated this important day, 

some smart person probably realized boyfriends didn't have their own recognized day and came up with this great idea." So why not? "Girls have their own day!"

I assume they haven't received enough accolades and attaboys since the beginning of time. 

Read on with an eye roll and a raised glass to find out what kind of guy you are depending on your zodiac sign. 

We'll use examples from movies, television, and the intriguing vacuum of celebrity relationships to help highlight these archetypes.

Aries is cardinal fire incarnate; intensity is in their blood, and the cold shoulder is practically difficult for them to pull off. With an Aries partner, 

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