NFL participant protection: The Case for Banning Helmets and Why it could Make American soccer safer 

For the proper or wrong reasons, Roger Goodell and his group are seeking to make the NFL a safer area.  

that is at the again of many irrefutable research which have proved that the face to face collisions and other concussions in football can cause extreme issues for players later in life.

Many ex-players who tragically died early and donated their brains to scientific studies had been discovered to have mind harm regular with an eighty 12 months vintage with dementia at just 50 years of age.  

It has end up simple that improvements ought to be made to make soccer more secure.

whilst there were many proposals which have been established into the league consisting of shifting kickoffs to the 30 yard line and taking a strict line on helmet to helmet collisions,

a radical notion that might kick the hassle absolutely could be to remove gamers helmets.  

This concept has already been proposed by way of the Wall road magazine and has a strong argument at the back of it.

first off, doing away with helmets could get rid of the feeling of invulnerability that cutting-edge players, specifically defenders, carry.


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