Olivia Dunne Wows Her Fans With New POV Equilibrium Shaft And Dance Recordings On TikTok.

Well known 20 year-old school acrobat Olivia Dunne, the most generously compensated female school or secondary school competitor in the country, was back making that bread throughout the end of the week.

Showing up, not surprisingly, in that frame of mind of TikTok recordings, Livvy shared several in the background looks as she prepares for the LSU Tigers' tumbling season.

The primary TikTok video Dunne shared was a POV check out, as she put it in the subtitle,

when you are "flipping on a 4 inch piece of wood," Otherwise known as an equilibrium shaft. 

For my cash, the capacity to do the things gymnasts do on an equilibrium pillar is right up there with hitting a baseball as quite possibly of the hardest thing to do in sports.

Olivia Dunne's subsequent vaulting related video of the end of the week was a greater amount of the standard passage the Hillsdale, New Jersey local offers with her 6.4 million TikTok supporters.

In that one, Dunne and one of her partners do a speedy little dance at the LSU vaulting office to the Rich Flex Carter Walsh Mashup of Drake's "Push The Inclination On."

Last week, Olivia Dunne was the main visitor on the new digital recording Twin Talk by Miami b-ball's Cavinder twins, Haley and Hanna.

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