On October 13, 2023, three horoscope signs disregard red flags of love.

If ignorance is bliss, why should we anticipate to find ourselves in a state of blind.

Ignorant joy on October 13, 2023? Because, during the Libra Moon, which is today's. 

leading transit, we believe we know better and stick to what we 'think' we already know... and this is where we fall.

We want to be in love so much under the Libra Moon that we ignore the warning signs that are right in front of our faces. 

Love and infatuation have a way of blinding us to the truth, but when we're in it, we desire the blindness, the ignorance, and the label of 'true love.'

There is just one reason to disregard warning flags in love: you don't want to confess that you were wrong or that your judgment was flawed while selecting the perfect companion for love. While the Libra Moon helps to lessen the blow, you will conclude on October 13, 2023, that it is best to ignore what you've been noticing about your romantic relationship.

1. Leo 

What you feel is that you've spent a lot of time and energy getting to know this one person, and now that you've created a loving, passionate relationship with them, you'd like to believe that 'this is it' and that you don't need to look any further... because you've found it.

2. The Scorpion 

Willful ignorance is something we would never expect from you, Capricorn, and yet here you are today, October 13, 2023, masquerading as if all is fine in your love world... when you know in your heart that the last thing things are is 'well.' 

3. Capricorn 

You're looking at some significant warning signs, and during the Libra Moon transit, you'll want to brush them under the rug because if you can't see them, they're not real... right? Wrong.


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