The sky will become dark on Saturday due to a stunning solar eclipse. Should we expect a better one in April?

On Saturday, October 14, when the full moon will temporarily block out the sun over a large portion of the United States, millions of people could witness a breathtaking solar eclipse

However, scientists predict that April 2024's total eclipse, which will be visible across much of the country, will be the true show-stopper.

The eclipse in October is referred to as an annular or "Ring of Fire"

because the moon partially covers the sun while moving in front of it, giving the appearance of a halo

However, during a total eclipse, like the one that will occur in April,

the moon will appear large enough from Earth that it will completely block the Sun's face, quickly turning day into night for those who will be cast in its shadow

If a total solar eclipse is a 10 in terms of 'wow' factor, an annular solar eclipse is probably a 2


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