Packers’ DC Trolled for horrible Davante Adams call: ‘Joe Barry special’ 

There are plenty aspects of Monday night's disheartening loss to the Raiders to pick apart for the Packers and their now-irritated faithful. 

Overall, the defense wasn't terrible—it benefited from the Raiders' proclivity for self-harm

but there were enough head-scratchers on the field to keep the seat warm beneath much-maligned shielding coordinator Joe Barry.

No play drew more attention than the one that saw 6-foot-5, 265-pound protecting quit.

 Preston Smith lined up to cover Davante Adams, probably the best wide receiver in the game.

Adams was astute enough to realize that if he shifted to the slot, the Packers would not adjust. They did not, however.

Say whatever you want about the approximation Jimmy Garoppolo was wise enough to recognize the massive mismatch and delivered the ball to Adams in what turned out to be a vital play in the winning pressure.

The play occurred with 2:36 remaining in the third quarter and the Raiders holding the ball on a 2d-and-10 from the inexperienced Bay 37.


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